Steam rooms


The steam room, or hammams, like our saunas are fully customizable so as to be integrated seamlessly in your house, hotel or spa centre. You can choose from an expansive variety of coloured tiles, patterns, various seating arrangements, and decorative elements to create a personalized atmosphere of serenity and comfort.

Our steam rooms are equipped with steam generators from Harvia which can produce from 5.5 kg to 20 kg of steam per hour.A fragrance pump is available as an accessory and can be programmed to automatically mix fragrance into the steam.

Spa design
We have a concept development team that helps plan and design your spa centre so as to include the full range of services while creating a space that allows customers to relax and unwind. This team works together with our technical team so as to give you a complete end product. In addition to pools, saunas, steam rooms and spas, we also offer unique waterwalls, rockereries, ergonomic relax beds and showers.

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