Almost any space can be turned into a sauna. We offer made-to-measure solutions for traditional and infrared saunas so we can install it almost anywhere you choose.

Of course, there are a few things to consider such as the height over the heater, the electric supply, ventilation and flooring. All these necessary aspects will be discussed during our on-site visit.

We provide both domestic electric heaters and commercial electric heaters depending on what you need.

Electric heaters
The domestic models are elegantly designed and equipped with easy to use control panels which allow you to heat your sauna quickly and efficiently according to your preferences.
Models made for commercial use are capable of providing heat for large numbers of users throughout an entire day which makes them particularly adept for use in spa centers, health clubs, hotels and others where the saunas are used frequently

Infrared panels
Our infrared panels are equipped with light so that they do not only offer a source of pleasing heat, but also create a peaceful atmosphere in your infrared sauna. The panels are easy to install, durable and safe and controlled by a digital control unit.

How about having your own sauna?