Build, Renovate or Maintain Your Pool With Us.


We offer a range of plans to keep your pool clean, running and ready for you to enjoy.


We build custom, affordable swimming pools and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

Repairs and Renovations

We can repair, modernize or expand any part of your existing pool.

Pool maintenance


Do you find you spend more time cleaning and fussing over your pool than you do enjoying it? Hand over the reins and get ready to kick off the summer of lounging in the sun.

Let us know what plans works best for you:

  • Single visit
  • Weekly or monthly
  • Seasonal Opening and Closing
Services we provide

A maintenance visit from us will include the following:

  • Empty and clean the skimmers and pump strainer baskets
  • Check filter pressure
  • Backwash the filter
  • Check equipment to ensure proper operation
  • Vacuum the bottom of the pool
  • Chemically test the PH levels of the water
  • Add anti algae and chemicals to balance the pool water

Save time: A typical family pool of 8m x 4m can take about 3-4 hours of cleaning and preparation every week. Let us spend that time instead of you.

Save money on equipment: Most pool owners don’t have high powered vacuums or professional water test kits. We do.

Hassle-free water balance:We eliminate the need for you to buy and store (in a safe, well-ventilated area) chemicals in your home as we bring them with each visit.

Use less chemicals: When you regularly maintain your pool, you end up using less chemicals to ensure the proper water balance.

Let us clean your pool!
Pool Construction

Over the past 20 years we have specialized in building and installing swimming pools – both commercial and domestic. Our numerous projects across the country and abroad attest to our professionalism, technical abilities and most importantly to our skill in bringing or clients ideas to life.

When we create your pool we do so in a way that represents your lifestyle and fulfills your needs. We can personalize your place of leisure with fountains, rockeries, slides, waterfalls and other various water entertainments and accessories.

We work in conjunction with the construction team on every level of development (either our team, or your preferred construction company) to eliminate problems and ensure it is completed on time and on budget.

Pool repairs and renovation

We are equipped to do all types of repairs, replace pumps, filters, heaters, solar covers, ozone system, new lighting, leak repairs replace a missing step in stairs…really anything and everything that needs doing.

Nothing lasts forever. If your pools is showing signs of age such as cracks in the walls, large portions of fallen tiles or stains we are more than happy to talk about various budget options and full scale pools renovations.

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